There are a lot of details and information regarding renting RVs. We want to make sure you have a really good idea of what the process is and what to expect so you can relax and enjoy your trip.

This page highlights the "short" version of what you need to know. The "long" version is in the Reservation Agreement should you decide to book one of our units. It is "required reading" in order to rent from us. We are available to answer any questions or concerns you have either by phone, text or email. Also, you can click on the underlined links to the individual web pages of our MotorhomeCamper Travel Trailer and Party Bus which has details specific to each unit. Check out our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page to see if your question has already been answered.


RVs are covered via Outdoorsy. There are 3 levels of coverage you can choose from. Depending on your reservation details will depend on which insurance is best for you...and us. All drivers must be at least 25 years. Outdoorsy vets all renters and drivers. Additional coverage for interior damage is required on most of the RVs. This is great protection for damage that may occur to the living space, not the mechanical space.


We have mandatory 24/7/365 roadside protection on all units. Should you blow a tire, run out of gas, need battery service or have any other road emergency or issue, call the number we provide and you will get prompt, professional service from specially trained RV mechanics. This is great peace of mind for you and for us! The cost is only $25 for your whole trip!


We are fairly flexible about picking up and dropping off. Generally, the pick up time is 10 a.m. and return time is 5 p.m. We figure the times with each renter but in most cases, we need the units returned an hour before dark. If we have back-to-back renters, we need time to clean the unit before the next pick up.  We will let you know in advance if we need the RV returned for another renter. A late fee may apply.


No smoking of any kind is allowed in the RV. Vape products are permitted. If we detect any smoke odor, or attempt at "covering up" such odor, we'll assess a $250 charge against your deposit. Strong cooking odors, such as heavy spices or fish, are also not permitted and will be subject to a charge against your deposit. A grill is available for outdoor cooking or your campsite may provide one.


Rental require a minimum $1000 security deposit. The deposit must be either cash or credit card. The name on the card must match the name of

the primary renter. We do a thorough check-in

and check-out process with each renter. We also give detailed instruction on the best and safest practices of operating the RVs. All parties will complete and sign off on the forms.


The reservation deposit is 25% of the rental cost. This deposit is required to hold a reservation.  This deposit amount will be subtracted from your rental total when you pay for the rental so it is a deposit, not a fee. We charge 5.5% Wisconsin sales tax on each rental. Should you need to cancel your reservation, we reserve the right to reschedule your trip or keep the reservation deposit.


100 miles a day is included in our rental fee for the motorhome. Additional miles are .45 per mile. The travel trailer has unlimited miles. Per our insurance, our RV units are NOT allowed to travel into Mexico. No travel is permitted on non-paved roadways like logging roads, forest service roads, beaches, etc.  The only exception is a non-paved road inside a licensed RV Park.


The entire RV - including all water tanks - must be returned in the same clean condition as received. Leave water valves open after draining. Cleaning supplies are on board. All trash must be removed before return. Bed sheets & linens are to be placed in the pop-up hamper provided. We do additional cleaning and sanitizing of everything before the next renter. Failure to clean results in a $150 fee.  


RV generators are for running the central a/c and temporary power while camping.  We include 2 hours of generator use per day with the rental. Make sure you remember to plug in at your campsite. Leaving the generator running while you sleep can be deadly! Propane and gasoline tanks need to be filled to the level in which they were picked up when you return. Failure will result in a $50 fee on top of the fuel price.


Pets are permitted, but require an additional fee of $50 and refundable deposit of $100. Many renters are allergic to pets and we must take extra steps to clean and sanitize every surface. Pets can cause significant damage when left unattended – for instance claws are known to puncture the upholstery, especially the small dogs who claw up the driver seat when watching for you to return!



Most of the Party Bus rules are the same as the RV rules. Obviously, some of those details won't apply. The rest, such as Cleaning, Pet Fees, etc. apply to the Party Bus, as well.


The Party Bus runs on DIESEL FUEL ONLY!  


All Party Bus reservations are done by quote. You

can contact us directly via email or if you found us on Outdoorsy, use the reservation request on their web

site. Insurance is only available through Outdoorsy whether you book directly through us or book on the

Outdoorsy platform. All details will be handled in the

quote, however, the general insurance fee is $19.95

per day.